Hitachi Inverter Drives SJ700B Series

Hitachi Inverter Drives SJ700B Series

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High starting torque 150% (90kW and over: 120%) at 0.5Hz
  • Sensorless Vector Control so the SJ700B can be applied to constant torque loads where high starting torque is needed.
  • On-line/off-line auto-tuning
Long lifetime components & Ease of Maintenance
  • Design lifetime 10 Years or more for DC bus capacitors & Cooling Fan
  • life time warning function
  • Field replacement of cooling fan(s) and DC bus capacitors (18.5kW and over) can be accomplished in a fraction of the time
  • Move existing L300P logic terminal strip to SJ700B without wiring change
  • Read L300P parameters via WOP remote operator and write them to SJ700B
Various versatile functions and compact design to save space
  • Sequence operation is realized by downloading to an inverter a program created with Hitachi's ProDriveNext software
  • External components can be simplified or elimitnated, resulting in cost-savings
  • EMC Filter is built in for all models
  • Dynamic brake circuit is included up to 30kW
  • over-current suppress functions reduce nuisance tripping
Global standards
  • Conformity to global standards. CE, UL, c-UL, C-Tick approvals
  • Logic input & output terminals are selectable for sink & source logic
  • Input voltage 200V to 240V for 200V class and 380V to 480V for 400V class as standard
  • A serial RS-485 Modbus® RTU port is standard
  • The SJ700B can communicate via DeviceNet® and PROFIBUS™ with optional expansion cards.