Hitachi Variable Speed Drive SH1 Series

Hitachi Variable Speed Drive SH1 Series



Setting the new global standards High performance drive, easy access to all functionality & versatility through multi-mode operation to meet specific application needs

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Features & Benefits 

  • High starting Torque at low speed range while in control of heavy loads (ND rating).
  • Decreased overshoot and undershoot contributes to smooth and stabilized operation with reduced load shock.
  • Automatic speed adjustment managed ideal acceleration/ deceleration speed to reduce the trip possibly from over current, over voltage and impact load.
  • High speed rotation of 590Hz at the maximum operation available for precise metal processing. For PM motor, also up to 400Hz.
  • Multi-mode inverter to control both induction motor or permanent magnet AC motor while offering programmable current limit to protect from demagnetization of the PM motor. 
  • 4-path independent PID control is introduced to achieve complex process control.
  • Optimized absolute position control function which achieves accurate operation.
  • Forcible operation at emergency. 
  • Control circuit terminal designed for easy wiring. 
  • Programming ease through the use of 24 VDC to power up inverter CPU memory. 
  • Easy customisation by PC configuration software with control stimulation logic operation without direct motor output. 
  • Direct field replacement when needed with high speed pulse train input. 
  • Save space and save cost by multi rating function with certified functional safety international standard.